Fact Center

Dark money groups and outside special interests are falsely attacking Jill Underly and trying to smear her record of success for Wisconsin’s students. Below are some of the real facts you should be aware of when casting your vote:  

False Attack: She wants to shut our schools down. 

Truth:  This attack is completely false. The truth is that Jill Underly is the only candidate for State Superintendent who has successfully run a school district in-person through the pandemic.  Jill knows that in-person learning is the best way to educate our kids and best for our workforce and our economy. Jill has worked really hard to safety keep her schools open and she’ll continue to do this as State Superintendent. Jill also understands that there shouldn’t be a 1-size fits all approach and she respects local decisions on what’s best for the district. Jill is candidate for state superintendent who knows how to safely keep schools open through this pandemic.

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