Release: Wisconsin Education Association Council Recommends Jill Underly

HOLLANDALE, Wis. — Pecatonica Area School District Superintendent and candidate for Wisconsin State Superintendent Jill Underly announced today she has been recommended by The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), the state’s largest union representing educators and an affiliate of the National Education Association.

“Dr. Jill Underly will be a staunch supporter of our public schools, our educators, and more than 860,000 public school students in Wisconsin as Superintendent of Public Instruction,” said WEAC President Ron Martin. “Dr. Underly continues to lead her school district through the COVID-19 crisis and will advocate for safe workplaces and fair salaries for our teachers and support staff professionals so they can provide the best education to Wisconsin’s students.

“Jill has been, and always will be, a champion for Wisconsin Public Schools and push back against privatization efforts every day she’s in office,” Martin continued. “Wisconsin’s students and educators will be best served with Dr. Underly at the helm of our public schools, and we’re proud to recommend her to be our next State Superintendent of Public Instruction.”

Dr. Underly’s reaction to WEAC’s recommendation was one of gratitude and respect for the teaching profession. “I am truly humbled by WEAC’s support of our campaign,” said Dr. Underly. “Wisconsin’s educators have been under attack in Wisconsin. From the lasting harm of Act 10 to a legislature that has failed to support our schools during the COVID pandemic. We need to band together as citizens of Wisconsin and advocate to fully fund our public schools. Our system cannot support both a public and private system, and I will always fight for our public schools.”


The non-partisan statewide election for Superintendent of Public Instruction is on April 6, 2021, with a primary election February 16, 2021. Underly for Wisconsin launched its website at and one can join and follow Jill at @underlyforwi on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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